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Henna Mahndi Design and using Henna Products

Eid al-Fitr is celebrated by Muslims after fasting the month of Ramadan as a matter of thanks and gratitude to Almighty Allah. As Eid approaches the world goes into a frenzy and the ladies queue up for their Henna or Mehndi preparations. People of all ages especially youngsters are busy with their preparations to mark the religious festival of Eid-ul-Fitr with traditional fervor.
2010-Henna-Designs11-150x150.jpg (150×150)2010-Henna-Designs21-150x150.jpg (150×150)

2010-Henna-Designs3-150x150.jpg (150×150)2010-Henna-Designs4-150x150.jpg (150×150)

2010-Henna-Designs5-150x150.jpg (150×150)2010-Henna-Designs6-150x150.jpg (150×150)

2010-Henna-Designs7-150x150.jpg (150×150)2010-Henna-Designs8-150x150.jpg (150×150)


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